Continuum Concert is a concept of a solo concert-performance in which improvisation and notated works co-exist in a single musical gesture. It is an open project, suitable to changes according to the acoustic of de venue and the compositions involved. By improvising, the interpreter-performer is weaving a net that keeps together the various works, creating a musical Continuum. It is a challenge for the musician and for the listener. They become partners in the gesture of creating and re-creating music. Because real time exists continuously…


O3 features the spanish accordionist Esteban Algora, the italian flutist Alessandra Rombolà and the norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach. O3′ music is about the extraordinary blend of the infinitive colors that the three members puts on display with their instruments and the way they create their original archetechtonical structures using improvisational and compositional parameters side by side. O3 works across musical genres having  worked with Merce Cunnigham Dance Company, the norwegian experimental circus company Stella Polaris and with the musicians Jane Rigler (USA, flute), Kim Myhr (NOR, guitar) and Jim Denley (AUS, sax/flute).



Alessandra Rombolà (flutes/ceramic objects) and Michel Doneda (soprano and sopranino sax/radio/objects) met in 2004 during the “No Spaghetti Edition Festival” in Barcelona. Their work is based on the investigation of micro dynamics, timbrical relations, the use of breathing tones at the harsher end of the spectrum and the possibilities and the limits of the two wind instruments. The duo explores also different materials, such as non-woodwind sounds to project the music into new and exciting territories. Wind and stone, joyful interplay, soft and fragile aeolian sounds broken by the harshness of the stone…

© R.Domínguez - ARA DUO


ARà Duo features two of the most restless and versatile musicians on the Spanish contemporary music scene: Alessandra Rombolà and Núria Andorrà. Both classical trained musicians, both active as interpreters of contemporary music, both improvisers. The focus of the duo is music, whether it’s improvised, composed, with of without electronics and their approach is the same: committment to the musical material, interaction with composers and a strong personal discourse. The duo has a unique sound which recalls earth, wind, water… they create music with rough and delicate textures and they operate with an impressive dynamic control. Future collaborations will involve the percussionist, improviser and composer Ingar Zach, who is going to compose a suite of five miniatures and the American flutist/composer Jane Rigler, who will write a piece specifically created for the unique vocabulary of ARà and their virtuosic abilities, combining complex gesture, movement, voice, and electronics.


Duo flute-piano
Elisa Vázquez Dova
l – piano, Alessandra Rombolà – flute

Two of the most prestigious interpreters of contemporary music meet to explore the uncommon repertoire for the duo. They aim to investigate and promote music by Spanish and international composers.