Alessandra Rombolà is a teacher with a wide experience. In 2006 she was appointed Flute Professor at the Professional Conservatoire in Madrid. Her main field of interest is the contemporary repertoire for flute, which she presents to students with a fresh and innovative approach, based on empirical methodology.– Flute classes covering baroque, classical, modern and contemporary repertoire.– Specific sessions on basic flute techniques: posture (based on the Alexander Technique), breathing and sound projection.– Contemporary repertoire, graphic notation and extended techniques.She has been teaching flute, chamber music and improvvisation in different institutions in Spain, Italy, Romania and Norway.IMPROVISATIONWorkshops on improvisation, comprising use of open notation and graphic scores. Structured, conducted and free improvisations.Workshops are focused on developing creative skills, active listening and interaction between musicians.Classes comprises experimenting “new” instrumental techniques and how to integrate them in the conventional use of the instrument in order to discover different ways of creating/composing music.