Alessandra Rombolà was appointed Flute Professor at the Professional Conservatoire in Madrid in 2006.


[12-13-14/07/17] -MADRID –
Masterclasses at Centro Superior Katarina Gurska.
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[18-22/07/17] – FLIX –

Workshop for composers and improvisers with Dúo ARà. Contemporary language and techniques.
Alessandra Rombolà, flautas /// Núria Andorrà, percusión
From 18th to 22nd of July. Flix, Barcelona, Spain.

[26-30/07/17] – LUGO –
Summer music meeting AURIA MÚSICA
Flute classes, improvisation and chamber music.
Fenosa Carballedo. Lugo.
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[2015-2017] – MADRID –

Flute and Chamber Music Professor at Centro Superior Katarina Gurska, Madrid.

[2016-2017] – MADRID –

AFINARTE LAB. Experimental music ensemble for young musicians. Escuela de Música y Danza AFINARTE, Madrid.

[17/03/17] – MALLORCA –

– Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears.
Flute Transcriptions for Saxophone.
Masterclass on Bach, Debussy, Prokoviev.


Flute teacher at the Professional Conservatoire in Madrid, she has developed a methodology introducing contemporary repertoire alongside the traditional one.
Her main field of interest is the contemporary repertoire for flute, with a fresh and innovative way approach, based on an empirical methodology.
– Flute classes covering baroque, classical, modern and contemporary repertoire.
– Specific sessions on basic flute techniques: posture (based on the Alexander Technique), breathing and sound projection.
– Contemporary repertoire, graphic notation and extended techniques.


Workshops on improvisation, comprising use of open notation and graphic scores. Structured, conducted and free improvisations.
Workshops are focused on developing creative skills, active listening and interaction between musicians.
Classes comprises experimenting “new” instrumental techniques and how to integrate them in the conventional use of the instrument in order to discover different ways of creating/composing music.

Past activity:

– Conservatori Superior de Música de Castelló Salvador Seguí

The Contemporary Flute.
Masterclass on extended techniques of the flute, notation, repertoire. Castelló. (May 2016)

– Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Vigo.
Masterclass on extended techniques of the flute, notation, repertoire.
The Magic Flute orquestra, workshop and concert. Vigo. (May 2016)

– Flute workshop on contemporary techniques and notation. Fundación Phonos, Barcelona. (February 2016)

– Flute extended techniques and creativity. “Academia Flautistica”. Reggio Calabria, Italy. (July 2013)

– Obradoiro de improvisación Creativa. “Escola Municipal de Música). Vigo (November 2013)

– Impro-visando, creativity in music making. Conservatoire of Tarrazona. (January 2013)

– Improvisation Workshop. Afinarte Music School. Madrid. (2012)

– Contemporary flute repertoire for beginners. “Afinarte” Music School. Madrid (2012)

– Sound painting workshop. Conservatoire “Joaquín Turina”, Madrid (2007)

– Creative improvisation workshop. Conservatoire of Segovia (2006).

– Creative improvisation workshop. Conservatoire of Alcalá de Henares, (years 2002 and 2006).

– Annual course of improvisation. “Prolat” music school, Madrid, (2005)

– Annual course of improvisation. “Maese Pedro” music academy, Madrid, (2003-2004)